“I believe that if every young person is given the chance to develop a certain set of skills then we’ll have a fairer world. For this reason I want to apply my planning, strategic and management skills to projects that develop new approaches to the development of non-cognitive skills in young people.”

Constança Santos

Prior to joining On Purpose, Constança,developed her consultancy skills at a strategic HR consultancy company in Portugal, where she is originally from. Before that she worked for AIESEC having as main responsibilities team management, development and implementation of strategy, performance management and management of governance boards. Constança has also worked as a volunteer in an NGO during 2,5 months in Ghana, being involved in projects related to child rights. She graduated in Economics from Nova School of Business and Economics, in Lisbon.

On Purpose Placements

Constança brings a lot of drive and ambition to her endeavours, always prepared, very focused, and rigorously structured

Julie Parekh, On Purpose Mentor