The Careers & Enterprise Company

The world of work is changing fast. Small and medium size businesses account for the majority of employment opportunities in the UK. More people than ever before run their own businesses. Industries are transforming and many companies that will become household names in 10 years’ time do not yet exist. The pace of technological change means the way we relate to knowledge will continue to evolve. With these challenges come many opportunities. However young people are not always in a position to take advantage of them. Youth unemployment remains high at the same time that many good jobs go unfilled. Our role is to help young people better prepare for this changing world of work and take control of their futures.’ In their placements, Associates will work in either the Employer Engagement or the Research and Technology department. Associates in the Employer Engagement department will focus on projects relating to employer engagement and the branding and delivery of the Enterprise Advisor programme. In the Research and Technology department, Associates will focus on impact measurement, new research, data and technology.