Vivien Girard

Vivien has been working in corporate finance for over six years of which he spent four years at Airbus UK as Project Controller for Earth Observation and Science Satellites. Prior to Airbus, he worked with small and medium-sized enterprises in France, supporting them to build their business plans with KPMG, and supporting their project funding with Bpifrance, the French Public Investment Bank. The shift in his career path began in 2017, when he took a sabbatical leave to work with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). He worked as the Finance Manager for a hospital in Bangui, Central African Republic. Through On Purpose, Vivien aims to complete his professional transition and bring his skills into a career where he is helping solve social and environmental issues. Outside work, Vivien is passionate about nature and outdoor sports and likes to rock climb, trek, ski, scuba dive and surf.

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