Inherently Human

Our mission is to put human rights at the heart of business.

We believe that future fit businesses are those that put people and communities at their heart.

Only by valuing and treating workers in a fair, dignified and respectful manner can we build resilient businesses that can deliver sustainable growth in the face of mounting reputational, legal and operational challenges. Whether a multi-national organisation with global supply chains, a rapidly growing SME or an early stage start up - at the heart of business - we are all inherently human.

We support our clients to build better human rights into the way you do business, helping them meet legislative requirements and global expectations so their business grows while people flourish. We provide support to engage meaningfully with workers, suppliers, colleagues and senior leaders and believe in making this practical.

We can help assess clients key human rights risks, establish a programme to address them and build an effective remediation approach where needed. With our support, organisations can measure the impact of their work and effectively communicate with all their stakeholders. We provide a safeguarded pre-competitive environment to support knowledge sharing and continued learning as businesses develop their approaches to human rights. We are experts in convening companies, NGOs and industry bodies to discuss complex, systemic human rights issues and find collaborative solutions.