On Purpose


Lightful: Lightful was born out of a determination to bring innovation to the sector that deserves it the most - the beyond-profit sector (charities, social enterprises, nonprofits and foundations). We believe that social media and developing technology present an amazing opportunity to amplify the impact of great causes. Our mission is to strengthen relationships between good people and great causes. We have three areas of the business that help us achieve our mission and better service the beyond profit sector. We have a social media and campaign management platform designed specifically for beyond-profits to make social media work for their cause. We have built features that help great causes raise more awareness, support and funds for their cause. We also have a full service creative technology consultancy that helps beyond-profits transform how they do digital. Lightful Labs is our not so secret R&D division where our most interesting, innovative and audacious ideas are brought to life. Through the above, our vision is to see good people and great causes make a greater impact through our technology. The Role: Coordinate all activities relating to the research, design and build of our consumer offering. - Human Centred Design (HCD) research with charities - HCD research with donors - Collaborate with internal stakeholders to design product roadmap - Budget and research schedule for build of minimum viable product. - Prepare all aspects of launch and coordinate.