“I came to On Purpose because I knew I wished to make a career transition but was uncertain how seven year of experience in talent management could or would translate into the social sector.”

Becky Casement

Becky began her career in talent management, brokering and managing the creation of new businesses, harnessing relationship networks and advising a diverse range of international actors on their careers and diversification opportunities. After 7 years in the industry, she decided she wanted to put social enterprise and endeavours at the core of her professional life and use her skills to broker partnerships and challenge the status quo. This set her on a course to On Purpose, with a brief detour to broker brand / talent partnerships for a PR agency along the way.Becky holds a BSc in Natural Sciences (Psychology and Anthropology) from Durham University.

On Purpose Placements

The more complex the matter, the more Becky excels earning true respect from colleagues at all levels.

Anna Whitty, CEO, ECT Charity