March 2022 - On Purpose London

On Purpose is working to bring about a transition to a healthy economy, one that operates within the boundaries of the planet and where all people are able to live fulfilled lives. Our mission is to develop the leaders that will create this change. To ensure a real transformation in how our social and economic systems work, we need leaders that represent and understand all kinds of life experiences and different communities. Otherwise we risk reproducing the inequities that exist in the current system.

We need to ensure that the programmes we run and the people we develop through our programmes meet this responsibility, and that all our participants leave our programmes with a deep understanding of the challenges and barriers faced by those experiencing disadvantage.

Beyond this, we want our programmes to feel safe and accessible to everyone, and ensure everyone can feel heard and valued within our programmes.

We recognise we need to do more to meet this responsibility. We are committed to following through on what we have started. We look forward to sharing our work on this, embracing challenges so we can further improve, and to collaborating with those working towards similar aims

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If you require more information, please contact us at contact@onpurpose.org