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The Fast Fashion Trade-off

For the past decade, many of our recreational decisions and desires have been influenced by social media. Whether it's choosing to go on certain holiday destinations, restaurants, or choosing what outfits to wear and picking what’s trending....

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Our Impact: On Purpose Impact Report 2022

On Purpose is proud and excited to announce the publication of our first Impact Report. This Report highlights how On Purpose as an organisation across London, Paris and Berlin, has transformed the leaders we develop and the wider community. The...

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Meet our April 2022 placement organisations

During their time on the Associate Programme, our Associates work in two purpose-driven organisations and get hands-on experience with challenging industry projects. Placement hosts can be social enterprises, social divisions of for-profit...

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Redefining Female Leadership

The stereotype of a leader in the workplace has moved on from a white man in a suit, barking orders at his underlings through a plume of smoke. But what has this image been replaced with? The word ‘leader’ is still likely to conjure up images of...

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