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It is the people that make On Purpose. We are a vibrant community and everyone has stories, thoughts and ideas to share. We've captured just some of them here.

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Can climate tech help us waste less food?

Photo by Tal Surasky on Unsplash Food loss and waste is a problem of huge magnitude Among the systems that must transform to create a sustainable future, food is especially in need of urgent change. Incredibly, a third of food produced is wasted...

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Dan Enzer Blog
Cultivating better ways to value Nature

A walk in Nature When I think of Nature, I imagine myself alone in a forest. Sitting on a fallen log, listening to blackbirds respond to thrushes. Bees and flies add a low buzzing hum. The smell takes on a damp mossy quality, cut through with the...

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On Purpose Fellows at COP26 - with Pauline Eloi

What are you doing for COP26 and how is your organisation involved? C40 is a network of 100 mayors from the biggest cities across the world, implementing ambitious climate policies. Our mayors went to COP to demonstrate that it is possible to...

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Tom E net zero blog post
On Purpose’s Path to Net Zero

In 2019 On Purpose declared a climate emergency . As part of that declaration we committed to measure, reduce and, as a last resort, offset our environmental footprint. Over the past two years we have been learning how best to do this. This...

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COP26, Credibility, Contribution

I was 21 when I moved to London, and found a job as the head waitress in a tacky French restaurant in Covent Garden. One of my clearest memories is my manager hurriedly (and drunkenly, as standard) approaching me one afternoon to warn me that...

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flying bus - ronan blog
To bus or not to bus?

To bus or not to bus? That is… a question.. I ask it because, recently, I took myself on a bus trip from Dublin to Bari to London, taking up a grand total of 94 hours of my apparently not so precious time. One might expect that this was cheaper...

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joe blog - stairs
Finding your impact

Creating change in the world is a tough job. Fighting the good fight can be disheartening; you’re often one despairing news story away from throwing your arms up and letting the world slip towards the inexorable, irreversible effects of climate...

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