Become a coach

Coaching with On Purpose

Coaching is a highly valuable part of the support that Associates get during the programme. While the mentor focuses their support on the Associate’s activities in the placement, a coach supports the Associate’s personal and professional development. They help their Associate make meaning of their career before the programme and of their experience during the programme. The coach also helps the Associate explore their next career steps.

Our Associates are often asking big questions as they arrive on the programme. What sort of leader do they want to become? What are their key passions and values? What are their most important strengths and weaknesses? Which career options would enable them to have the greatest positive impact?

Who we look for

Our coaches have a broad range of experiences and have often held senior management positions. Coaches generously give their time pro bono to support the leadership development of Associates who want to put their skills towards work of more purpose.

If you share our values and want to be part of seeing the economy transformed so that it better serves people and planet, we would love to hear from you! It can be helpful if you have done some work in, or had other engagement with, social and environmental impact spaces, so that you can more comfortably relate to the journey and types of questions that the Associates are trying to process.

What's involved?

Coaching with On Purpose involves:

  • Holding six sessions with one Associate over the course of the year either via video call or face to face.
  • Helping Associates make the most of the year by allowing them to step back, reflect, learn and unlock their potential.
  • Supporting Associates to identify their strengths and values to be specific about what they want their future career to look like.
  • Being part of the On Purpose community, a community of individuals and organisations that put purpose before profit.

Become a coach

Our coaches enjoy the opportunity to work with our enthusiastic and committed Associates. On Purpose partners with coaches that are fully qualified, have regular supervision and appropriate insurance to practice. We particularly welcome applications from disabled, LGBTQA+ and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people as these groups are currently under-represented in On Purpose.

We launch a new cohort of Associates every April and October and look to start conversations with new coaches a couple of months before each launch. You can register your interest at any time of the year, however be aware that it may be a short while before there is an opportunity to begin coaching.

This is a great opportunity to shape the development of a high-potential leader who could go on to deliver impactful, systemic change in the impact sector. We select Associates who are both motivated and talented, so they are highly engaged and interested coachees.

Becoming a coach also enables you to become part of the On Purpose community, which will give you the chance to join us for events and learning sessions as well as connect with a like-minded network of people who want to contribute to transforming the economy so that it better serves people and planet.