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At On Purpose, we attract and develop talented professionals to help strengthen and scale organisations using commercial approaches to create positive social or environmental change.

Our leadership programme brings mid-career professionals into the impact space and supports them to develop rapidly by matching them with purpose-led organisations to do impactful work, and providing them with a sector-leading leadership & development programme, including training, mentoring and coaching.

As a placement host you work successively with two of our participants (Associates) for six months each over the one-year programme. Our Associates undertake a wide variety of work, from one-off projects to day-to-day business roles, and from strategy through impact management to marketing .


Three reasons to host an Associate:

  • High calibre, purpose-driven talent at below market rates

    Our Associates bring an average of 7-10 years of professional experience from diverse fields such as law, finance, marketing and more
  • Strengthen your impact

    Accelerate important projects with Associates who are ready to hit the ground running, bringing the skills and ambition essential for systemic change
  • Join our community

    Gain access to On Purpose's hive mind with the latest thinking and practices around systemic change, impact and leadership

What our placement hosts say

Who we work with

We work with a range of organisations including social enterprises, B Corps, social divisions of for-profit companies and commercially-minded charities. What we look for in a placement:

  • Combine commercial ways of working with social and/or environmental impact

    We are less concerned with the type of organisation and focus more on the type of work and impact that Associates will deliver on their placement.
  • Appropriate level of challenge

    Associates are bright, generalist problem-solvers that bring an average of 7-10 years work experience. We seek organisations that can provide projects with a level of challenge that befits this expertise.
  • Adds real value to your organisation

    Our programme prepares Associates to lead in purpose-driven organisations and we look for placements where the work adds real value to the organisation.

How to become a Placement Host

We are always on the look-out for new and exciting organisations to work with. The Associate Programme runs over a calendar year and we work with two cohorts each year, one beginning in April and the other in October.

Case studies

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Find out more by reading our Placement Host Pack and get in touch to have a conversation with us.