Applications to join the October 2022 cohort of the Associate Programme are now closed.

On Purpose

Learning and Development


Learning and development sits at the very core of the Associate Programme. Beyond what is learnt whilst at placements, the Friday programme equips you with a wide range of knowledge, skills and a mindset to enable change. We provide space for peer learning, reflection and an opportunity to network with interesting people working in a wide range of organisations, across different sectors.

Core Pillars

The programme is built around two core pillars, Impact and Leadership, which enable you to:

  • Understand the impact sector and commit to its potential to achieve systemic change
  • Gain comprehensive professional skills alongside social sector knowledge and experience
  • Investigate a range of approaches to financing, scaling and measuring impact
  • Exercise and explore your leadership potential and develop a sense of purpose, momentum and direction

Learning Blocks

The following are fundamental components of our learning approach

  • Financing impact

    Finding funds is an important first step to achieving impact. You learn how to navigate the complex world of social sector finance; from fundraising and crowdfunding to social investment and commissioning.

  • Measuring impact

    How do organisations know if they are realising their mission? Here we first look at defining impact before exploring approaches and frameworks to quantify, qualify and communicate impact.

  • Scaling impact

    We believe that to effectively tackle social and environmental issues organisations need to be able to scale. You learn about different routes and enablers to scale and consider when, where and if each is effective. 

  • Leadership

    Leadership comes in many forms and can be shown by anyone in any place. We help you explore your personal leadership and values through coaching, experiential sessions, peer support, discussion and reflection.

  • Organisation development and culture

    Associates are our leaders of tomorrow. We equip you with practical tools to create and lead happy, healthy organisations that are ready to embrace the change needed to create an economy that works for all.

  • Systems change

    We believe that we need a system which is equitable, impact-driven and co-produced. The year aims to develop your understanding of systems to equip them with the mindset, knowledge and tools they need to lead this systemic change.

Meet Our Trainers

Our learning & development sessions are delivered by a range of different people bringing their expertise to support Associates’ development. Sessions are led by friends from Big Society Capital, Bain & Company, Forum for the Future & many more.