“I train a lot of people every year but EVERY TIME I come to On Purpose I am blown away by the talent of people wanting to use their talents making the world a better place.”

Annik Petrou

Annik is the founder of PONY Express Speakers and has over 30 years experience in being scared of speaking in public and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of being judged in front of peers. This all reached its peak in 2011 when she decided ‘enough is enough' and PONY Express Speakers was born. Since 2011, PONY Express has helped thousands of corporates and entrepreneurs to successfully pitch for investment and funding, gain the confidence to push their business from home office to the stage, speak on TEDx stages or landing big corporate contracts. Now one of the leading Speaking Clubs in London, PONY Express runs a variety of events and trainings, from their monthly club night, a beginners day, an intensive 2 day training and a 6-month speaking accelerator programme.