On Purpose

Bad Boys' Bakery

Bad Boys' Bakery is a social enterprise entirely based inside HM Prison Brixton. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. The Bakery uses positive energy to motivate people with convictions into doing something good with their time behind bars and gives them the confidence and belief they need to make life-changing decisions when they're released from prison. The Bakery’s aim is to give prisoners key cooking skills, work experience and responsibility to reduce reoffending rates by training bakers on the inside, and helping them find work on their release from prison. Inside Bad Boys' Bakery, the Boys hand make delicious, high quality cakes, desserts and breads that you can buy in selected outlets across London. The hard work doesn't stop in the Bakery, as a supporting team engages with employers to secure job opportunities for our trained bakers.We’ve also opened a café within the Visitors Centre inside HMP Brixton for the staff working within the prison and the visitors and families of the inmates to purchase the goods that their family members or friends have made.