“Dimitra was always enthusiastic in her approach to working on deliverables with different team members. Dimitra is a self-aware and reflective person who puts her all into the work she does”

Kate Dempster, Civil Society and Governance Advisor, British Council

British Council

The British Council is the UK’s cultural relations organisation, working in over 110 countries to share ideas and practice and to give people international opportunities which lead to lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. The British Council has been working to support the growth of the social enterprise movement in the UK and internationally since 2009. Social enterprise produces innovation solutions to pressing social and environmental issues, generates sustainable economic growth and delivers positive long-term change. We work with policy makers, investors and support organisations working to create a more conducive environment for social enterprise in different parts of world. We also work with social entrepreneurs directly to provide them with access to skills and educational support and to finances to help their social enterprises to start up and grow. We believe that the UK has great experience to share in social enterprise development and we work closely with UK social enterprise organisations to enable the UK sector to take part in global debate.