On Purpose

“My ambition is to help Social Enterprises bring commercial efficiencies to allow purpose driven organisations to compete with capitalism!”

Camilla Marcus-Dew

Before starting at OnPurpose, Camilla was based in India researching the Value Chain for Sugar Cane and opportunties for women to play a more equitable role with VSO. Prior to this, she worked as a Management Consultant for 5 years with broad industry experience from Banking, Energy, Telecoms, Media and two roles within Accenture Development Partnerships based in South Asia (Livelihoods Strategy for People with Disabilities) and Ethiopia (Digital Data Collection in aid scenarios). Camilla holds a 1st class BSc degree in Natural Sciences and an MSc with distinction in Management Science & Finance.

On Purpose Placements

Camilla’s drive, creativity and tenacity made The Soap Co. happen. As a slightly conservative organisation we wanted to “shake things up” a bit by engaging On Purpose but I don’t think we were prepared for the whirlwind of energy that is Camilla.

Jeremy Robinson, CEO, CLARITY & The Soap Co.