“Neha delivered some substantial new projects for us, really helping to advance our social investment work.”

Tim Wilson, Principal Grants Officer, City Bridge Trust

City Bridge Trust

City Bridge Trust supports disadvantaged Londoners through grant-making, social investment, encouraging philanthropy and influencing public policy. Our vision is of a fairer London. The Trust distributes around £20m of grant-finance each year, and manages a social investment fund from which it deploys £2-4m annually. Approximately 600 organisations benefit from funding relationships with City Bridge Trust at any one time. Associates will have the opportunity to deliver their own projects and to work alongside Trust colleagues on deals for the Social Investment Fund (subject to pipeline) and the development of the Stepping Stones grant programme. We will seek to match projects to the skills and interests each Associate brings, and all projects will be core to the future development of the City Bridge Trust’s work. The range of possible activities includes, but is not necessarily limited to: • a comparative review of trends in impact measurement by social investors with recommendations for improvements to City Bridge Trust’s practice; • the development of proposals to improve the way City Bridge Trust markets its social investment fund and the process by which it manages pipeline; • the development of replicable models using economic stress tests to quantify potential risks to our social investment portfolio; • work to measure the Value at Risk of the social investment fund; and • the development of a proposal for a blended grant and loan finance facility to support organisations who have benefited from the Stepping Stones programme.