“Audrey was the most amazing addition to the ChainChecked team, bringing the perfect combination of strategic and creative thinking together with the ability to deliver quick tangible results.”

Alasdair McPherson, Founder, ChainChecked

Cragie Capital & ChainChecker

Craigie Capital (CraigieCapital.com) is a well known London based early-stage investor and builder of companies and as the founder of ChainChecked will be hosting both placements. Craigie Capital prioritise their investments in areas which have strong social impacts. ChainChecked is the newest venture for Craigie Capital and as such will be receiving significant interest and focus from the team. ChainChecked is focused on helping eliminate the scourge of modern slavery - a hidden misery that the UN’s International Labour Organization estimates affects 21 million people around the world. In March 2015, the UK government enacted the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, one of the first such legislative actions in the world (California being the first). This legislation will affect 12,000 UK businesses. ChainChecked is being developed as a comprehensive resource for: The general public who wish to quickly understand what large organisations are doing to address the modern slavery problem in their supply chains. All UK organisations affected by the legislation and unsure what they have to do in regards to the requirements of the legislation. In this placement, Associates will take ownership of the planning, preparation, initial launch and scaling of the ChainChecked venture.