Dot Dot Dot Property

Making the most of places in transition: creating housing, securing properties and supporting volunteering

Dot Dot Dot is a social enterprise and different kind of property guardian company. In addition to creating cheaper housing options for people willing to occupy properties that would otherwise stand empty, Dot Dot Dot runs a model that supports its guardians to volunteer for charities and community groups for at least 16 hours per month. This unique, innovative and collaborative approach sets us apart from other property guardian companies and has helped Dot Dot Dot attract national attention and recognition.

Now is an exciting time to get involved.

The first Associate will help us better understand the external factors which are affecting our business. Dot Dot Dot has a distinctive position in a moving and highly-competitive market, so it is important to protect and strengthen our position. The essential deliverable will be a 'management consultant' project.

The second Associate will focus much more internally. Building on the insights from the first placement and senior management, we would like the second placement to deliver several substantial and strategic improvement projects. These will likely include a focus on financial planning, modelling and reporting; creating a new impact measurement framework; and improving our CRM framework.

Overall, we are looking to our Associates to affect strategic decision-making and implement important projects for the company. The whole team will benefit from these insights and outputs and the Associates themselves should end their placements with a great understanding of how a small, ambitious social venture is run.