“My time as an On Purpose Associate is surpassing my high expectations - all the elements of the programme, and being surrounded by a cohort of capable, inquisitive people, is really equipping me to make more of a difference where I work.”

Elizabeth Heighway

Lizzie works in corporate responsibility, for law firm Forsters LLP.

Her time as an Associate in 2017-18 confirmed that she wanted to be tackling social and environmental issues from within a corporate organisation.

Prior to joining the On Purpose programme Lizzie spent several years working in the charity sector, including coordinating large-scale projects, strategic awareness raising, communications, research and policy work. She worked in the arts sector for choir Ex Cathedra, whose work includes running flagship education and community projects, in the health sector for Macmillan Cancer Support and Action on Hearing Loss, the latter two both involving working closely with Government, and she has also led teams of volunteers overseas in projects in Thailand, India and Sierra Leone.

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