Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Foundation's vision is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We do this by (i) promoting and developing the idea, and (ii) catalysing action. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a global leader in applying systems theory and complexity theory to tackling the greatest challenges of our time. 7 years ago a small team coined the term circular economy drawing on work from many academics. Today, the team is greater than 100 people with employees scattered across Europe, USA, Brazil, and China. In this brief time the Foundation has already had a disproportionate impact: from convening the world's most influential businesses and sparking collaborations that unite whole supply chains, to influencing the creation of the European Union's 7bn circular economy stimulus package. Our Insight & Analysis team scope and deliver research to promote and develop the idea. The CE100 is a general innovation platform that facilitates pre-competitive collaboration to catalyse action. Digital transcends all of the Foundation's activities to design and build digital tools that support the Foundation's global network and activities. Associates will be working across both the CE100 and Insight and Analysis teams.