“On Purpose beutet für mich, transsektorale Zusammenarbeit gemeinsam zu üben.”

Armin Piálek

Armin Piálek is responsible for Innovation at the German Foundation for Civic Engagement and Volunteering, a public foundation supporting volunteers and nonprofits across Germany. In his work he is helping nonprofits with capacity building, digital transformation and strategy while also building a pro bono practice.

Before he was community builder with the International Alumni Center Berlin, a daughter of the Robert Bosch Foundation. There he managed the connecting networks program aimed to build sustainable and impactful philanthropic networks across Europe. From 2009 till 2019 Armin worked with the BMW Foundation in various position. He was especially passionate about pro bono, social innovation, purpose, and collaboration.

During his undergrad studies Armin worked with Oxford Analytica a political consultancy, where he organized international conferences. Armin completed a Master’s degree in Eastern European Studies with a focus on politics and economics at the Free University of Berlin and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Bayreuth and the University of Paris Sorbonne-Panthéon.