Bridges Outcomes Partnerships

The Bridges Outcomes Partnerships team brings together experts in policy, programme delivery, data analysis and impact measurement. Our focus is on working collaboratively with our Government and charity partners to design and deliver more effective services – so we can help more people to improve their lives and achieve better value for public money.

With outcomes-based contracts, Government commits to pay for the achievement of pre-agreed performance milestones (rather than the delivery of a clearly-specified service, as is the case with traditional Government contracts).

This switch in focus means the impact-driven organisations selected to deliver the service have far more flexibility to tailor their services to their specific cohort, and encourages a more partnership-based approach – while ensuring all involved are clearly accountable for improving people’s lives.

Bridges Outcomes Partnerships works with commissioners and providers to design the project, provides the working capital necessary to deliver the service, and supports the delivery teams to optimise results – with a focus on agile, data-driven decision-making.