Eloise Rahman

Eloise (she/her) is a purpose-driven individual, motivated to connect with and support others. She was drawn to the On Purpose Associate programme by the opportunity to explore a range of different fields of impact, as well as being able to be part of a bigger impact community. During her programme, she is working with Do It Now Now, on their diversity and inclusion products, and with eBay, in their social impact team. Before the On Purpose programme, Eloise worked in education. After graduating with a Mathematics and Music degree, she taught secondary mathematics through the Teach First programme and then spent several years in a rapidly-growing education startup. Here she worked on the strategy and implementation of support for specific learning difficulties, mental health, and maths & English qualifications. Outside of work, Eloise loves to spend time with friends and tries to maximise her interactions with art and nature. She's passionate about a range of social justice issues and is always looking to learn more!

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