Juan Pablo Astolfo

Juan Pablo is a public policy specialist with over 15 years' experience in large scale transformations and consultancy. He has held a number of senior positions in the government in Argentina, covering a range of areas such as licensing and inspections, lottery regulation, public spaces, and economic development. Over this time, he gathered valuable experience in public policy design, behavioural change, project management, and impact evaluation. He is a founder member of two companies, one working in construction and real estate development, and another in strategic consultancy for the public sector.

As part of a purpose-driven career change, in 2018 he furthered his consultancy work with the environmental NGO AsociaciÓn Sustenta by coordinating a publicly funded organism in the city of Buenos Aires aimed at designing and setting into motion plans to improve streets cleanliness, foster inclusive recycling and promote the circular economy. After moving to London, he took a course in Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge and joined the Associate Programme with the aim of making his transition into the environmental and social impact space definitive.

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