Life Moments

Life Moments is a fintech start-up operating since 2018 that currently has ten full-time employees and a wider network of advisors and technology developers. It is a profit and purpose business that works primarily in partnership with financial services companies in order to improve the financial capability of customers, helping them to play life better. With smart technology and an ethical approach to data, they aim to empower organisations to build trust with their audience and scale their impact as a result.

Having now delivered 5 first time buyer propositions for organisations including Standard Life and Mortgage Advice Bureau, Life Moments have spent the last year rapidly expanding their offering to go beyond financial capability to sustainability and wider social impacts. They have recently launched a Sustainability Coach for businesses with Virgin Money. This has been built in partnership with the Future-Fit Foundation, a non-profit that has developed an extensive open source methodology outlining a new system that businesses should operate under to be socially and environmentally good. Earlier this year, Life Moments has also committed to be a Future-Fit Pioneer to hold themselves to better standards of business and to closely align to their profit/purpose mission.