Natalie Hildon

From an early age, I experienced big change moving from Rio de Janeiro to Geneva and then onto a handful of other cities around the world by the time I went to university. Different ways of life, cultures and languages have shaped me, given me an international outlook and a natural curiosity. I am a Talent Management professional with over 20 years' experience across different sectors, working for organisations and institutions such as McKinsey & Company, Merrill Lynch, CASS Business School and On Purpose, supporting career development, progression and job search strategies. In my career, there have been some pivotal moments where I've followed my intuition and used my head and heart, along with a dose of courage and self-belief, to make the changes I've wanted. From specialising in recruitment branding & marketing, working in Brazil (twice), developing a career in professional development for global multi-nationals through to a small Social Enterprise. My belief is that a multi-staged life with various transitions gives us the opportunity to live in a more fulfilling and authentic way. By aligning with our values and priorities, exploring, experimenting and discovering what works, we can make choices and set the goals to take us in the directions we want. I work in partnership with professionals who are going through change or want change by using my coaching skills and experience to support these transitions at a pace that is right for the individual. What matters to me is creating an open and honest environment where there's a healthy balance of support and challenge for self-awareness to develop and action to be taken. I am Meyler Campbell trained Coach, which is a programme accredited by the Association for Coaching and holds the European Quality Award (EQA) as conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).