René Wienholtz

René Wienholtz (born 1974) founded his first company when he was 18 and several others thereafter. After finishing the college, he went to US high-tech companies like Silicon Graphics & Sun Microsystems to learn about tech innovation management, communications, sales & management skills.

He took these experiences to his role as the CTO at STRATO, one of Europe's leading IT hosting companies, where he was in charge for all tech matters, innovation pipelines & the focus on agility & design thinking.

After 17 years as the CTO of STRATO, he has set up LOOM Impact AG - a new kind of impact investment finance boutique (in the mind of an investment bank). The company’s aim is to attract much more private & institutional money for this new asset segment to solve the challenges of the UN Agenda 2030 (aka the sustainable development goals / SDGs).