Richard Smith

I work with high performing individuals to make meaningful stuff happen. My clients include leaders in education, social enterprise, micro-mobility, design, finance and the occasional philanthropist. My work helps my clients to connect purpose, values and motivations with performance, behaviours and habits. My Impact Coaching approach has grown out of repeatedly crossing between a focus on purpose and a focus on performance, witnessing the potential of each and the combined challenge and power of bringing them together.

A scientist and psychologist by education, I was initiated in strategy through a decade as a consultant and a stint at business school, I am a trained Co-Active coach and have first-hand experience at the nerve-centre of large corporations. I'm fascinated by how people, organisations and systems work, grow, develop and perform, and my interests have long spanned values-driven and non-profit organisations as well as performance and impact in the private sector.

I have worked / lived / volunteered across Europe, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Singapore and Nepal.

I have a young family and do my best to carve out time for running and yoga.