Ryan Lecky

Ryan is a father from London, passionate about the development of entrepreneurial skills for underserved communities that he resonates with. Ryan has a background in business strategy consultation and logistics, having ascended from office junior to head of global logistics of Winning Moves Ltd / Top Trumps USA. Since 2019 Ryan has worked for charities, youth centres and schools to create and deliver training programmes for young people. Ryan has also recently worked on the development of an upcoming 'show' for popular social media channel, Tik Tok is his role for Out Since Tuesday (London based creative agency).

Ryan is trauma-response aware and gender identity informed, in addition to his mental health first aid qualification. These were achieved as part of a high-level youth practitioner leadership scheme (Rise Up) in 2021. Before that Ryan received his fellowship from the London School for Social Entrepreneurs (April 2021). Ryan piloted his first version of High Pressure Diamond (HPD) in conjunction with Job Centre plus offices outside of London ( Northampton, Oxford, Medway, Gravesham) and has since run three versions of the entrepreneurial and enterprise development programme for 16-30 year olds. HPD is designed to deliver high level and high impact enterprise skills in a relatable format for young people.

Ryan has since co-founded BRDG CiC, an organisation designed to serve areas of high need not just developing skills for young people, but also looking to provide key support to women, ex-offenders and those in close proximity to violent crime and neuro-diverse learners in Kent, Medway and South London.

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