“The program taught me a lot about myself!”

Jara Kortmann

Jara graduated in Business Administration with focus on the economic region of Latin America, both in Germany and Columbia. During her time in Columbia she worked for the UNHCR, trying to improve the situation of internally displaced people. Starting her professional career, she participated in a one-year Trainee Program at Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway company. Based at the Central Procurement department, she worked on international procurement strategies and a group-wide Supply Chain Management program. Within her last role, she worked on the international roll-out of an eProcurement system and the strategic development of the IT system landscape. Jara believes in the power of fair business and social enterprises to face the problems in less developed countries and even in Europe.

On Purpose Placements

Jara became an integral part of the team in just a short space of time and commanded the respect of all who worked with her.

Fraser Simpson, Director, Bonsucro