On Purpose

“On Purpose gave me a chance to experience first-hand the challenges of working in mission orientated businesses, and better understand the issues they're intent on addressing. Importantly, it continues to give me a core group of dependable, intelligent, capable people who are similarly engaged in fulfilling decent human purpose.”

Kate Richardson

Kate has spent the majority of her career as a member of founding teams at early-stage high growth start-ups. Most recently at Aire, a financial technology company developing products for underserved consumers. And prior to that as On Purpose’s second member of staff, running the Associate programme with additional responsibilities for the organisation’s operations.

She is motivated by working on commercially viable and scalable solutions to societal challenges. And consistently takes time to volunteer with initiatives that achieve more equal access to opportunities. Of late, this has involved working with the boards and executive teams of organisations reducing violence in prisons, and improving Alternative Provision.

Kate is an On Purpose Fellow, having participated in the Associate programme’s inaugural cohort, 2010, and has been appointed the Fellows’ Representative. She is a Teach First Ambassador (2006), and participated in Accenture’s Consulting graduate programme.