Laura Brown

Laura is the CEO of PEAS, a not-for-profit secondary school chain which provides education in rural underserved communities in Uganda and Zambia. PEAS has built and manages 31 schools, educates over 15,000 students and employs around 800 staff. Laura joined the PEAS team in Uganda in 2010 when the organisation was in its early stages. In 2012 she led the expansion of PEAS to Zambia and, prior to her appointment as CEO in 2018, was leading PEAS programmes team. Prior Laura worked as a secondary school teacher in the UK (qualifying through the Teach First programme) and has teaching experience in low cost private schools in Rwanda, India and Thailand. Laura was educated at Oxford University and gained her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Warwick where she specialised in school leadership development in Sub-Saharan Africa.