Meg Lyons

Prior to becoming a coach, Meg led a remote and global team of Learning Consultants in Financial Services technology, and trained and facilitated groups of managers to help them thrive as leaders. Since her initial coach training in 2012, she has worked with a variety of professionals at all levels in their organizations and with varied goals related to career and purpose, work-life balance, and leadership. Meg believes in the innate capacity of people to find solutions to their most important challenges and to stretch themselves to achieve incredible things, when given the right environment to explore possibilities. She works with people who want to feel braver, more confident, and more conscious and aware about the choices they make in pursuit of their goals. Using values and strengths as guideposts that point people to their ideal way of working, leading, and living, Meg helps her clients become more aware of who they are being, in addition to what they are doing, so that they live with more balance, purpose, and fun.