Nesta is an innovation foundation. We back new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time. We seek out, spark and shape powerful new ideas, joining with others to take on the big challenges of our time and shift how the world works for everyone. We combine our knowledge, networks, funding and skills to back new ideas that tackle big challenges. We operate across the globe and across sectors (including education, healthcare, the arts, technology, and economic policy), working with others to turn these good ideas into reality: The focus of the On Purpose Associate will initially be on the development and organisation of a global summit to be held in Italy in December - the approach for the summit is to pull together global leaders, funders and thinkers in diverse fields to discuss a range of big societal, global challenges which require additional impetus and creativity to enable innovative solutions. These include: 1) A.I. and the future of work 2) Access to surgery in poor countries 3) the future of sustainable food production 4) the transformative effect of drones on our cities. The objective is to develop funded initiatives following the summit to address innovation gaps in these areas. The On Purpose Associate will work with partners on the content, publicity and organisation of this event with this objective foremost in mind. Following the summit the Associate will work with the team to develop partnership and funding opportunities for these big global challenges. Alongside this the Associate will promote and encourage participation of challenge funders on the challenges.org platform so that it is well known and content rich site.