“Michiel has a sharp analytic and strategic brain and an incredible ability to interpret, structure and conceptualise complex information and present this back to others.”

Abi Childs, Consultant, NHS NEL Healthcare Consulting

NHS NEL Healthcare Consulting

The NEL Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) is an NHS organisation which provides expert support and advice to help clinical commissioners and providers to deliver improved health services to local populations. NEL Healthcare Consulting (NHC) is part of the Bespoke Project Support Service provided by NEL CSU, and provides high quality consultancy advice and support to NEL CSU customers. Our highly trained team is experienced in designing and delivering portfolio, programme and project management solutions and end-to-end transformation on both at local and national scale. The leadership team is supported by a pool of experienced and talented consultants who deliver first class consultancy services.

We operate a multi-disciplinary model that provides flexible, tailored and bespoke support for our clients. The scope of work undertaken by the team is designed to best meet the changing needs of NEL CSU’s customers and the wider NHS system in the highest quality way. The types of activities undertaken include, but are not limited to, end to end project design and project management; communications and engagement; ‘deep dives’; initiating major change initiatives; bench-marking and analysis; facilitating workshops; and improving business processes and patient pathways.

On Purpose Associates working with NEL Healthcare Consulting team will receive expert support, advice and development opportunities to help them gain a sound understanding of the NHS at a time of great change within the service.