Project X

Project X is a corporate accelerator to speed up the adoption of sustainable innovations at scale in order to address biodiversity loss and climate change so that the world can sustain itself. The initiative is timescale critical – 10 industries in 10 years. We are working on some of, if not the most intractable problems of our time, in a way that no one else is doing. We do this by leveraging the triple pull of the self interest of three critical groups as part of our formula – we use the pull of the market to support whole industries align and accelerate the adoption of sustainable innovations at scale. We seek to provide talented innovators with access to the tools and money they need to scale, which gives our growing community of financiers expedited access to the profitable gems in which they seek to invest, which then gives industry the inventions they need to transform themselves faster than ever before. Associates would be working with us to develop an impact framework; to operationalise the Project X methodology in our pilot programmes and to help manage and develop of strategic programmes.