On Purpose

Social Investment Business

The Social Investment Business* (TSIB) is a specialist fund manager that invests in viable, non-bankable projects: facilitating their move into more enterprising ventures; strengthening them; investing in excellence; and bringing to scale the most innovative ideas. We have made and managed over 1300 investments in civil society organisations ranging from under £5,000 to almost £7 million. TSIB has a strategic partnership with Investing for Good (IFG), a social investment intermediary responsible for successfully arranging the first social bond programme for the charity, Scope, in May 2012. IFG are also experts in impact analysis and assessment. The October 2012 Associates will work with IFG and across TSIB’s operational teams on two projects: develop and implement a strategy to build its investees capability to measure and report their social impact. The second project will focus on leveraging the internal use of social impact measurement as a learning tool to make impact-intelligent investment decisions and as a communication tool with various external stakeholders. TSIB’s impact analysis system is based on The Good Analyst, IFG’s methodology for impact analysis and assessment. *The Social Investment Business is the trading name for Futurebuilders England Fund Management Limited and was set up in 2009.