Surabhi Narendranath

Prior to joining the On Purpose programme, Surabhi worked for ten years as a futures broker in a team which provided algorithmic execution services to institutional investors globally.

Her career began by joining the Barclays Capital Graduate Program in Singapore. Subsequently she worked at Newedge and ICAP in London, helping set up an algorithmic execution business from the ground up in both companies.

She has volunteered with Oxfam and the Asian Family Counselling Service (a small charity providing multilingual counselling services to British Asian communities in London).

She holds a Post Graduate Degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi. She recently completed her Masters in International Politics at SOAS in London, focusing on the politics of globalisation and development in Asia and Africa as well as the international politics of the Middle East.

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