“Anna’s input has been instrumental in launching and refining our new global employer brand”

Nick Pullan, Global Resourcing Manager - Business Development, VSO

Voluntary Service Overseas

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place. By enabling people and, in turn, their communities to play a more active role in development, volunteering provides the means through which the essential preconditions for sustainable change – ownership, participation, empowerment and inclusion – can be realised. We promote volunteering as a powerful and practical way to tackle poverty and inequality. Our two Associates will be joining VSO’s People Group and will have the opportunity to support and lead on employee and volunteer resourcing, management and development initiatives. Projects are likely to focus on areas such as systems, analytics, sourcing, market research and brand development.