Circulating products and materials with United Repair Centre

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A Moment of Change is a podcast created by On Purpose London Associates. For Series 4, the team is looking at an area they’re really passionate about: the circular economy. They’ll be talking to inspiring people and organisations who share with us ‘Stories of Hope’ - stories of their work in the circular economy and the incredible impact they have on our world.

In this episode, Miranda and Kate are joined by Thami Schweichler, CEO of United Repair Centre (URC). URC are paving the way to transform the clothing industry by putting people first, one repair at a time. They enable clothing brands to make real social and environmental impact with a digital, one-stop shop for circular solutions. 

This discussion explores the current human cost of our throwaway mindset to clothing. We all want to do our best to consume more responsibly, and this conversation highlights the importance of a mindset and behaviour shift towards thinking of clothing as a long-term investment, which can be repaired repeatedly and kept in circulation for as long as possible. 

We also discuss URC's business model and how technology has the potential to act as a catalyst for wide-scale adoption of circular thinking in business. 

Thami leaves us feeling hopeful about the future of the circular economy, noting increasing collaboration over competition among brands. Plus, he shares practical tips for integrating circular thinking into your daily life.

For more information about URC  and the work they do to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, visit their website

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