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A Moment of Change Podcast - The Future of Food with LettUs Grow

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Moment of Change is a podcast created by the On Purpose London community. To mark this, series 2 of 'A Moment of Change' is talking to key changemakers from the worlds of food, fashion and the green economy who are all working to be part of the climate solution.

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Insights into the complexities of the food system

The food system is highly complex with a multitude of nuances that make it more difficult to understand what a sustainable food system really looks like: What does a sustainable and healthy diet actually look like? And how do we get to one?

In the Future of Food podcast we are joined by India Langley - Head of Communications at LettUs Grow (Check them out here!). We have a discussion around the complexities of the food system, including some much needed demystifying facts and figures, and notably what actions we can take that can support and expedite the creation of a healthier food system. Having said that, to transform the food system so it works for all - both environmentally and socially - multi-stakeholder action at the national and international level needs to occur. We delve into this further in our chat with India. Notably the UN Food System Summit held very recently is one collaborative step change in the right direction…

To learn more about what a net zero diet looks like and what changes need to occur in order to get there - give our podcast a listen here

Great resources for further information around topics covered are provided in the podcast notes too - please take a look.

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Image source: LettUs Grow

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