A Moment of Change Podcast: The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

A Moment of Change is a podcast created by On Purpose London Associates. Series 3 of A Moment of Change will discuss systems change with key leaders working in various areas of social and environmental impact.

In this episode, associates Jonny Singh and Javan Pyne are joined in conversation with current On Purpose Mentor, Ed Short. The trio reflect on their own diverse experiences, and talk about the way mental health issues affect different communities. Traditional ideals around masculinity can be a barrier to engaging with issues around mental health, and we discuss how we can overcome those barriers to better support each other and the people in our lives. 

In an open and powerful conversation, Jonny, Javan and Ed consider how by discussing the experiences of both the military veteran community and the Afro-Caribbean community we can tell a wider story about approaches to male mental health. They talk about how issues of Identity, power, social norms, and vulnerability can affect the way men see themselves, each other, and how they interact with their loved ones and wider communities.

In the discussion we try to signpost some of the resources that are available if you or someone you know needs support. These include Black Minds Matter, SANDS, Combat Stress, The Ubele Initiative, and Samaritans. Please do reach out to these fantastic organisations if you feel that things are getting too difficult to deal with on your own.

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