On Purpose certifies as an SEWF social enterprise

SEWF verification blog post

On Purpose is delighted to announce that we have been verified as a People and Planet First social enterprise by the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF). 

SEWF’s goal is to strengthen the global social enterprise movement to accelerate our transition to a new economy. We have been verified by SEWF because of our international relationship with Social Enterprise UK and our alignment with SEWF’s criteria:

  • Purpose: Our organisation exists to solve a social and/or environmental problem
  • Operations: Our organisation prioritises purpose, people and planet over profit in operational
  • decisions.
  • Revenue: Our organisation has a self-sustaining revenue model or is working towards one
  • Use of Surplus: Our organisation reinvests the majority of surplus towards its purpose
  • Structure: Our organisation has chosen legal structures and financing that protect and lock-in purpose long term

This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to creating positive impact. We extend our gratitude to SEWF for acknowledging our dedication to bringing about transformative change and championing a purpose-driven approach.