On Purpose Fellows at COP26 - with Charlotte Sewell

charlotte sewell blog

What are you doing for COP26?

I’m at COP supporting a range of projects. I’m working with - one of the most exciting is Boardroom2030: a fascinating campaign inviting businesses around the world to host a Board meeting as if it’s 2030. These future-focussed board conversations explore how products and services must adapt to better serve people and the planet and WHO should be around the Board table to support these transformations.
I’m also working alongside The B Corp movement- which is in Glasgow in force! Many of the pioneering 4k B Corps globally are here showcasing the more equitable and regenerative economic system we need to see, including as part of the UK B Corp Finance Coalition, and the impressive Beauty Coalition, both active at COP.

How is your organisation involved?

Boardroom 2030 is here hosting a flagship event on November 6th at SkyPark, where The Body Shop will be hosting a live Boardroom 2030 session featuring an awesome youth board bringing their expertise and experience to shaping the future of The Body Shop.

What is your role in these activities?

I’ve been spearheading Boardroom 2030 with the BR2030 team and am excited to support B Lab UK and The Body Shop in the flagship event on Saturday.

As Strategic Advisor to the B Lab Global Climate Taskforce, I work to support the 1600 businesses who’ve committed to Net Zero 2030 as part of the B Climate Collective- many of whom are in Glasgow sharing their stories of climate action rooted in Climate Justice.

Why does COP26 matter to you?

I believe the systemic change we need can only occur if we bring together global actors with a range of perspectives and expertise. Previous COPs have not done this perfectly, but the range of leadership present in Glasgow from indigenous expertise to scientific, artistic and activist excellence- highlights what the radical collaboration we need could look like. While the blue zone may still be falling short on inclusivity, I hope that the connections and collaboration occurring across the city can shine a light on the interdependent ecosystem we can and should nurture to address the challenges of today.

What are your hopes on the outcomes for COP26?

Outside of diplomatic progress, my hope for COP26 is that the groundswell of connection and creativity which has been so abundant across Glasgow this fortnight, catalyses more effective interdisciplinary collaboration- between business, policy makers, indigenous experts, scientists, artists and citizens.