On Purpose is a winner of The Escape 100: the top purposeful organisations to ‘escape’ to in 2022

ESC 100 Winner 2022

We are delighted to share that On Purpose has been selected for The Escape 100, a well-known campaign highlighting the top purpose-led companies to ‘escape to’ in 2022! 

Competing against some 13,000 other company nominations, On Purpose has come out in the top 100  thanks to our mission, positive impact and flexible working environment - ranking alongside social enterprise giants like Oddbox, OLIO, Too Good To Go, Moving Worlds and more. 

The Escape 100 campaign was started by Escape the City. While on their mission to help 1,000,000 people quit their corporate jobs and find work that matters to them and the world, they began to wonder: what actually makes an organisation different, forward-thinking, and impactful? They came up with a scoring system of 6 criteria (Impact, People, Mission, Planet, Innovation and B-Corp) to rank companies, including anonymous employee reviews - and ‘The Escape 100’ was born.

This campaign comes at a key moment in working history. Since the pandemic started, employees all over the world have been given time to think about what really matters to them, and are increasingly prioritising finding new meaningful, flexible and forward-thinking work environments (as reported by The Times). In Escape the City’s recent survey of 1500 job-seekers, 89% want a career with a clear sense of purpose (up from 71% in 2015), with 73% saying that their reflection time during the pandemic has made them reevaluate their path. Furthermore, for 74% of professionals a flexible working location is the primary barometer they use when choosing a new role.

Dom Jackman, Founder of Escape the City, explained further: “The job market is still dealing with the impact of the pandemic, and jobseekers will have to work harder than ever to find opportunities that align with their values. This list has been designed to rank organisations on the metrics that really matter. What are they doing to save our planet? How do they look after their people? What problems are they solving? These are all things that jobseekers want to know in 2022, and we hope this list helps talented people discover interesting opportunities and organisations that they might not have found otherwise.”

On Purpose’s Founder & CEO, Tom Rippin, commented on what the campaign means to On Purpose: "I am hugely proud that On Purpose continues to be an organisation that puts people at the centre of all that we do. By helping professionals transition into purpose-driven careers, we are developing the leaders who will help transform our economy. We are delighted to be included in ‘The Escape 100’ and to feature among such an inspiring set of organisations that are role modelling what our future economy will look like.”

Sarah Koedijk, Communications Manager at On Purpose, commented: “On Purpose is an amazing organisation and community to work with. The team is incredibly supportive, and it truly feels that my work is making a positive impact.”

Check out The Escape 100, 2022: Top purpose-led companies to ‘escape’ to in 2022 to see our organisation’s ranking and read our employee reviews!