Josie Lumley

Josie joined On Purpose as the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator in March 2022, where she oversees our social media presence, website performance, podcast, and the recruitment of our Associates. Her journey has been fueled by a deep-seated desire to bring about systemic transformations, with a firm belief in the power of communications as a tool to inspire the change we need.

Before her role at On Purpose, Josie worked in business support for children’s and adult care services and volunteered her time writing environmental news content for Curious Earth.

With a background in Zoology from the University of Leeds, nature conservation and restoration holds a special place in Josie's heart. After her studies, Josie enjoyed travelling, studying and supporting conservation research initiatives around the world. From surveying marine birds and mammals aboard the RV Investigator in the Coral Sea, to studying tropical ecology alongside orangutans in Borneo. Whilst at Leeds University, she also co-founded a student society on marine science and conservation.

Josie's Posts