Robin Prospect

Before joining On Purpose, Robin spent eight years as a barrister. Four of those were in XXIV Old Buildings, a commercial chambers located in Lincoln’s Inn, London. While a member of chambers, Robin developed expertise in company law, contract, property, trusts and international law and was seconded to the Caribbean.

Robin moved to the Financial Conduct Authority in 2016 and became a leading legal expert on payment services and electronic money. As such, Robin played an integral role in the launch of Open Banking and advised fintech start-ups as well as established financial firms.

Robin has a deep interest in complex systems and how change can be effected. In particular, Robin strives to understand how human agency can be harnessed for the benefit of the world and everything living in it.

They (Robin uses they/them pronouns) have been active in promoting LGBTQ+ rights for several years. They have also volunteered in homeless shelters, set up an organisation to support vulnerable people in East London and another organisation to catalyse environmental change at the grassroots level.

Before undertaking legal training, Robin obtained a first class BA in art history from Oxford University.

Robin can often be found meditating, doing yoga or engaging in any number of sports, preferably up a mountain. They also enjoy playing their guitar and piano, badly.

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