Tom Christmas

Tom recently completed the On Purpose associate programme, and is now back as the head of Programme Delivery! As an associate he worked with some lovely people in placements across government and PR, but missed working on leadership development projects. He is excited to be helping the On Purpose London team deliver a transformative leadership experience for associates, and loves the idea of helping people pursue high-impact careers.

Prior to joining On Purpose, Tom was the Founder & CEO of Just Love - a movement inspiring a generation of Christian students to become leaders who engage in a whole-life pursuit of social justice. Tom founded Just Love while at university, and the organisation grew from one city to 25 cities between 2014 and 2020, working with thousands of students across the UK.

Tom loves to identify potential in other leaders, think about new ideas and approaches, and help build positive team cultures. He is passionate about seeing all spheres - from politics, to business, to the church - transformed by leaders of integrity who are pursuing social justice. He hopes that thousands of those leaders will emerge from Just Love and On Purpose.

Outside of work, Tom has a range of interests, including (but not limited to) Manchester United (although he doesn't particularly like Ronaldo), reforming education policy, Taylor Swift, US Senator Cory Booker, Honest Burgers (the only place he will eat beef), reading, comedian James Acaster, and effective altruism.

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