Jess Thorne

Jess spent almost six years at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) primarily in the government relations team managing relationships with HM Government, foreign governments and supranational organisations on international financial trade, including encouraging global change on green and sustainable finance. She also worked in strategy teams on various projects ranging from capital markets support for small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets to digital content transformation. She has worked internationally by organising a six-month secondment to HM Government’s Department for International Trade in China, and as a team leader for Voluntary Service Overseas in Kenya which focused on employment and entrepreneurship for young women.

Jess left LSEG to start a full-time Master’s in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies at King’s College London which she completed just before joining On Purpose, allowing her to dedicate time to her interest in war, and cultural and national identities.

Jess loves languages and can order dinner to varying degrees of success in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Swahili.

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